Engineer Rates:

Engineer £32.00 Per Hour

Jnr Engineer/Mate Rate: £24.00 Per Hour (Not fully qualified engineer or qualified engineer

attending with another because it is a 2 man job)

Callout Fee:

Freeztech Ltd does not charge a callout fee, but charges mileage and travel time from the last

site, or base whichever applies.

We feel this is the fairest way of charging our customers, as we hear so many complaints

about others charging a callout fee, when they were working just a few doors away, or they are

charged from the base of the company, even if their engineer was close by.

Mileage Charge: £0.50 Per Mile

Travel Time: As Per Engineer or Jnr Engineer Rate (£32.00 Per Hour Or £24.00 Per Hour)

Mileage and travel time is always capped to a maximum of 45 minutes and 45 miles, a maximum

of £44.50. Most of the time, it will be considerably less than this. If we are working within a mile

or two, there will be vertually no charge to arrive on site.

Out Of Hours Calls:

1.5x Hourly rate applies to calls/work after 6.00pm-11.00pm, and Saturdays

2x Hourly rate applies to calls/work after 11.00pm-6.00am, Sundays & Bank Holidays.

Mileage & Travel Out Of Hours:

Mileage & Travel Will Be Charged Both To And From Site, From The Engineers Home/Base. (The

Engineer has to be paid overtime rate for his time away from home, and return mileage needs to

be covered when there is not another job to attend before heading home/base).

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