Company Background:

Freeztech was started by Tony Kastelein, who worked in the Electrical industry for ten years, before owning a delicatessen and food wholesalers. It was here that he discovered the lack of good, efficient and competent refrigeration and air conditioning engineering companies in South East Kent. Tony went on to join a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Company and learned the trade and gained both city and guilds and NVQ Qualifications.

Along with his electrical qualifications and experience he is more than a qualified refrigeration and air conditioning engineer. He worked in both service and installation departments doing work for Military establishments, a local hotel group and a chain of fast food outlets. He also worked for farms and various restaurants and small retailers, before starting “Freeztech”.

Freeztech Now:

Freeztech Ltd started in April 2006 and looks after the refrigeration and air conditioning requirements of many hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, food retailers, caterers, offices etc, in the Kent area. We undertake a variety of projects, including installation, servicing, repair, maintenance work.  We like to build friendly and professional, long term relationships, giving you the best solutions, helping to both repair and maintain your equipment so it runs at full efficiency.

Our Engineers:

Our team at Freeztech have many years experience and knowledge between them, Whether it be commercial air conditioning or commercial and industrial refrigeration, Freeztech provide quality service and products who are at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. what ever the problem may be you can be sure our engineers will get you up and running again in no time. 







Tony in 2006 


Xmas Pic

The Freeztech Team – Christmas 2017 

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